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Trading Regulations Empty Trading Regulations

Post by Tank00 on Wed Jan 16, 2008 12:07 am

Trading is a respectable part of any team, and is required to keep battlers outfitted with only the best pokemon and items, as well as collectors(such as myself) filled with the pride of their increasing collections.

Basic Rules:

-All Pokemon traded will be considered completely legit unless otherwise stated.
-There will be NO scamming of members or non-members.
-Always respect the rules of your venue. (Ex. Serebii's no darkrai, shaymin, arceus policy)
-Any trades, and questions about trades, keep in the trading forum, or PM Tank00.
-DO NOT pm any Admin offering a trade, they will post their own topics, in then you may reply to. *Unless the Admin specifically requests you to personally PM them*

Basic abbreviations are:

Shiny=A Shiny pokemon
PKTOPIA=PokeTopia event
10Anniv=10th Anniversary pokemon

For more explaination of these abbreviation or if you wish to add some to the list, please PM me.

Multiple pokemon trades can be done through an Admin if either party thinks it necessary, but please try and give them notice beforehand.

NOTE: Any trades or Battles created without use of the boards, and use of the Chat board, arn't subject to any rules or regulations. Hackers cannot be accountable for any battles agreed to within the chat board, all battles must have atleast 1 post agreeing on the battle in the post for rules to be effective.
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Garchomp with Surf is 1337

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